Wood Species


Wood Species

Western Red Cedar: Our choice material for over 45 years. Naturally decay resistant, light weight, straight and it has the lowest expansion ratio of any species. The tight grain of old growth Western red is unmatched. FSC certified sustainable.

Bald/Golden Cypress: Light weight and offering some decay resistance, Cypress is a good choice for exterior use. The long Southern growing season leads to a wide or loose grain. Expansion ratios are very high. FSC certified sustainable.

Spanish Cedar:  Extremely heavy with an open grain this tropical hardwood is often used for exterior millwork especially along the coast. Its grain is porous and pitted. Farmed from forests in South America, it is often not managed.

African Mahogany: Extremely hard and heavy this tropical hardwood is very similar to Spanish cedar in all aspects. While a good choice for exterior millwork its weight really makes it less than ideal for shutters. Harvested in tropical forests it is unmanaged.

In addition to these woods we offer Basswood, Red Oak, Maple, and Yellow Pine for Interior Shutters and Doors. PVC composite is also available.